Thursday, 25 August 2016

Preliminary Mutterings


This is really just a writing exercise, a warm up so to speak. I'll get better at this.

So, a first post then - soon to be swallowed by a treasure trove of gaming goodness and nerdish proselytising. As the pages grow hardly anyone will wade widdershins through time to reach here. Perhaps one day our future AI overloads will discover this in their data archaeology of the strange flesh-monkey time. 

For their benefit, I assure you all that I was a benevolent ruler of the earth, firm but wise, and much beloved, and gave up my throne when utopia was perfected.

My name's Dan, and I like roleplaying games, possibly a bit too much. I'm English (somewhere near Winterfell) and so life in the largely Americanocentric OSR blog-sphere is a delightful game of bleary-eyed catchup. I've been gaming since 1989, when I migrated from Fighting Fantasy to White Dwarf, to Warhammer, to eventually to D&D. I remember playing Fate of Istus. I remember we killed off bards.

Back in 2008, I wondered if I had it in me to write something the way professionals did, to translate the  notes into something usable by others. The result was Desire & the Dead: A hideously overwritten 90s-style adventure and mini-setting, and introduction to the Planescape setting, which I let loose, with transcendental timing, in the very week that 4th edition D&D was announced. 

You can get it from for the price of 0 gold pieces.

It's painful for me to read, to look back at what I thought was good. I think there are good nuggets though, amidst the hand holding and setting fetishism, and the player agency is good. And a nice map or two. It features neither dungeons nor dragons.

One day I'll talk about it more.

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